My Top 12 Travel Fav

As I am packing for my next departure (I am not sure if they are still considered “trips” since I’m more often away from home than actually home! 🤔🙄 #travelholic), I thought about sharing with you my top 12 favorite traveling accessories. Of course I skipped all the essentials stuff such as adapters, traveling towel, earplugs etc. So here are what you will always find in my backpack:

  • 1. Apple EarPods: I bought this pair of earphones when I was training for my first ultra marathon and wow, what a life changer! Cordless earphones are the invention of the year, I am never going back to those tangled annoying earphones again! Today, I use them for everything: running, cycling, skiing, yoga, cooking, taking a bath, talking on the phone (although I started having problems with the mic after a year; this is my only criticism). They just make life much easier! EarPods are also a must for any athletes training with music! No they don’t fall off my ears, never. 
  • 2. LifeStraw bottle: I received this gem as a birthday gift from my sister who’s also a traveler and tree hugger. The LifeStraw bottle holds a purification system that removes 99.9% of bacterias in water. You can fill it up anywhere (yes, even from a lake!) and enjoy a nice clean fresh drink (note that the filter does not eliminate the chemicals in the water, so don’t fill it up in a pool!). No more wasting of plastic and money. And to top it off: the purchase of every bottle provides clean water to a child for an entire school year!
  • 3. Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Going to Chapters to buy the Lonely Planet copy of my next destination is always a little pleasure. It’s probably the influence of my father who has been a fanatic of Lonely Planet since he started traveling, but I also convert to this collection a couple of years ago. I love the way the books are designed and they usually have excellent recommendations. I am especially a fan of their Shoe String editions (“Big trip on small budgets”). The Central America one is on my bedside table at the moment! 😉
  • 4. Running Hydration Vest: Since my run across The Gambia, nowadays I always run (or hike or even cycle) with my hydration vest. I do drink a lot when I exercise so I like to have access to my water anytime I want. Plus, it also has many pockets to stuff all your essentials (phone, snacks, keys, kleenex) and it is super comfortable! At the moment I am using the Nathan Fireball Race Vest.
  • 5. Hiking Poles: I might look like a 70 years old when I trek with my poles but I don’t care, I love them! I originally bought my poles to hike the Yunnan ultramarathon (since I couldn’t run it because of my herniated disks). During the entire 60km, they gave me the support I needed going up and down those mountains while keeping my posture straight. They have been my favorite hiking buddies since!
  • 6. Yoga Mat: Since my back injury, I made yoga part of my daily routine. Every morning, while my coffee is brewing, I religiously do my fifteen minutes back extension yoga sequence. What better a way to start my day! After an extended research on traveling mats, I opted for the Yoga Design Lab Mat which I am very happy with. It is ultra compact and very cool looking (but could be a little more grippy).
  • 7. Divacup: This should be a must for any women (traveling and non-traveling chicas). This little rubber cup is revolutionary: cheap, comfy, extremely environmentally friendly and a huge money saver. If you don’t have yours yet, please do yourself and Mother Nature a favor and go get one now!
  • 8. Epilator: Still in the women’s stuff, I discovered the beauty of an electric epilator just recently. I know they have been around for a while but since waxing was so cheap in China, I never bothered getting one. I finally made the move this summer, I bought the Braun Silk Epil 7. Let me tell you, it works like a charm. Ok, it does hurt a little (a lot) at first but you quickly get use to it. No need to search for waxing salons anymore, I got mine in my hostel room!
  • 9. Kindle: Like many of you, I was resistant about buying a Kindle at first (don’t we just love reading real books?), but man it saves on space and weight in my backpack! Not only the e-books are cheaper but you get them instantly on your Kindle! And how about that backlight letting you read all cuddled up in your bed at night? Gotta embrace new technology!
  • 10. Portable Speaker: Music plays an important role in my daily life. When I am not listening to music in my EarPods, I have my portable speaker to keep me company. I just bought myself the Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker as a Christmas present. Can’t wait to listen to some Anjunadeep around a bonfire on a lost beach somewhere in Oaxaca!
  • 11. Collapsible Coffee Cup: My mom bought a couple of Pokito collapsable coffee mugs as a Kickstarter project. Generous woman she is, she offered me one before my trip to Guatemala. I stopped counting how many paper cups I have saved since (…My name is Juliane and I am a coffee addict). Plus, I keep getting cool comments about it in coffee shops and hostels!
  • 12. Journal: And last, but not least, I always travel with a journal. I started writing on a daily basis about a year ago. I use it as a reflective tool. I write whatever is happening in my busy little head. I tell stories, I reflect on life, I write quotes and poetry, I sketch, I organised my budget etc. It is not only a precious traveling buddy, but a everyday life essential.
  • And finally, I always pack some instant coffee (in case I need my caffeine fix in the middle of nowhere) as well as trail mix and dark chocolate, which are simply my all-time favorite snacks! 😋

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