12 things I will miss about China 🇨🇳

There is no place like home. I will be the first one to agree with this saying. I have been back in Canada for over a month now and it feels extremely good to be reunited with my people, eating mom’s food, driving my car, speaking French 24/7 and the list goes on! However, I will admit I am already missing some little things about China. As much as I had a culture shock when I first moved to Dongguan, the complexity of the everyday life in China became somewhat easy and enjoyable. Once I have learned to embrace the culture, found a way to communicate and developed friendships with locals, life in China is actually pretty awesome! So, before embarking very soon on my next adventure (more details to come 😉), I thought about dedicating one last post to my dear adoptive country over the past two years. Here are 12 things I will miss about China:

  • The “superstar status”: Yes it is weird at the beginning, but there’s something kind of cool about walking in the streets and being stared at like you’re Beyoncé or Angelina Jolie or being asked to take selfies with locals (sometimes even without any notice)! Talk about an ego booster! 😎
  • Being able to wear your PJ to the cinema, sing your heart out in the middle of the street, slurp your soup in a fancy restaurant, have a beer in a Didi (Chinese version of Uber)… you can pretty much do any (legal) thing you want in public. With the massive amount of people everywhere, all the time, Chinese don’t seem to bother much about what others think. 👯
  • That my Mandarin was always “Hen Hao” (“very good”), although it was very limited to my own standard! Chinese will always appreciate and acknowledge any foreigner trying to speak their language (even if the only thing you say is “Ni Hao” or “Xiè xiè”!). ✌🏻
  • Cheap food! I am already missing getting yummy dim sum, steaming hot pot or fresh seasonal fruits at every corner of the streets for basically nothing! 😋
  • Buying alcohol anywhere, at any time of the day! I surely miss those 7-Eleven pre-drinks and afterparties! 🍻
  • One hour massage for 10$, yes please! A-N-Y-T-I-M-E! And let’s not forget to mention those massage parlours where you can book a private room with your girlfriends and get your back and feet pampered while watching a movie, munching on fruits and sipping milk tea! Alleluia! 🙌🏻
  • Taobao, China’s version of Amazon, where you can order anything online (and I mean anything….a plane, a live alpaca, breast milk soap, a collar that allows your dog to speak, a cow brain… and I’m keeping it PG-13 here!) and have it the next day or so. 💁
  • WeChat, China’s ultimate cellphone application used by everyone, to do everything: messaging, social media, banking, book your cinema ticket, order a taxi… and the list goes on. Chinese are definitely a step ahead on technology! 📱
  • Having an “Ayi” (housekeeper) that can basically do everything for you (cleaning, cooking, shopping) for about 6$ an hour. It’s so easy to become lazy in China… 🙄 (The translation of the word “Ayi” is literary “Aunt” but it is also commonly used to say a “housekeeper”)
  • Having students named Apple, Sunny, Candy, Coco, Bobo… always put a smile on my face. Scolding a student named Angel is quite funny I must say! 🙃 (For those who didn’t know, Chinese usually choose their ‘English name’ when they are still a kid…. hence the colorful, exotic names!)
  • The beautiful friendships I have developed. China is probably the easiest place on earth to make new friends (all Chinese want to have a Laowai* bestie!) and it’s the best way to get immersed in the culture as well! You get invited to family gatherings, weddings, Chinese New Year dinners, KTV (karaoke) sessions, hiking trips and they will spoil you all the time with presents (on absolutely any occasion!). Guys, if you don’t have a Chinese friend yet, better look for one! 👭 *Laowai stands for « foreigner »
  • And finally, I will surely miss the joy of living of Chinese. Either if it’s with family, friends or colleagues, they do love to gather, eat, drink, laugh and enjoy life. When in China, you’re off for a good time! Friendly tip: Never refuse an invitation to “Gan Bei!” 🍻 (« Cheers! » literary « Bottoms up! »)

So for one last time, thank you China for the beautiful memories and the countless selfies I was forced to take… You are one pretty unique place to live and I will surely never forget you! ❤️

再见中国! ✌🏻

2 thoughts on “12 things I will miss about China 🇨🇳

  1. Sue Willows

    Wow, Julianne, That was wonderful!!! You’ve had an amazing 2 years in China. I can’t get over how much your English has improved since we met in Africa. You’re just like one of us “Anglophones” now.

    I can’t wait to hear where your next adventure will take you.

    Take care,


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